Life in the new yard!


Completely different yet utterly the same, let me explain…

Cor Y Taran

A full month of being back at my family base in Somerset. Wow what a lucky girl I am. Such a beautiful yard and the horses seem to love it! It’s taken a couple of weeks for us all to find a Rhythm and a routine that works well for horses and humans! Whilst we have tried to maintain the same ridden program for all horses, we have been working out the best morning yard and afternoon yard routine and I think we are nearly there! Having everything running smoothly again. We know where things go, everything has its place! The horses are absolutely loving being able to be back out in a field! I have also noticed a different from a riding point of view from their increased amount of turn out! They seem to be more relaxed and supple in their work!  Still a few too many builders around trying to finish the beautiful yard but we are slowly saying goodbye to more and more! 

With the move been all successful unfortunately the British weather has been quite the opposite! With three big international planned for May. Chatsworth, Rockingham and Bicton. Unfortunately having previously never been to either Chatsworth or Rockingham and very excited to go, the weather has stop play and both events have been abandoned due to the ground conditions being too wet. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Bicton will run and we have a successful and dry event next week! 

With all the weekend suddenly freed up from events being cancelled, this has allowed us to train harder and wiser and so I am very much looking forward to being able to try but all our recent practice into play at Bicton! 

Toots x


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