Jane Adams on early birds and Jules Bradburn on the new Shaftesbury Market


Two fascinating interviews in this episode; Jenny chatted with wildlife writer Jane Adams about the dawn chorus (and her efforts to hear a very disappointing one!), and also to market director Jules Bradburn about the brilliantly successful launch of the new monthly Independent Shaftesbury Market.

Wildlife writer Jane Adams grew up in the suburbs, and vividly recalls the first time she shared her morning tea with the waking birds ” In the past, I didn’t understand why people got so excited about the dawn chorus. Wasn’t it just a bunch of birds singing ridiculously early in the morning?”

Roger Guttridge tells the story of Dorset’s first newspaper and the ‘Sherborne Men’ who ‘rode Sherborne’ to distribute it

There’s a major new independent market in Shaftesbury – the launch event had more than 70 stalls, and was a resounding success with almost 6,000 people visiting. The monthly event will boost tourism and trade, says market director Jules Bradburn, who already runs the hugely popular independent Sherborne market which she has grown to 200 stalls. She spoke to Jenny about how it’s going, and about some of the incredible artisans, producers and traders that are finding a new audience.

Jim Bettle makes a living from an ancient craft, fuelling his passion for a more sustainable country. One of very few British charcoal producers, by the end of August he’ll produce more than 35 tonnes of sustainable British charcoal from within his North Dorset woodland ‘office’.


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