Tivoli Theatre’s Charlie North-Lewis selects his Dorset Island Discs | BV Podcast


You can’t interview Charlie North-Lewis without a steady stream of name-dropping; his long and winding career is a musical tour through 40 years of popular culture.

Charlie was working at BAFTA in 2002 when he decided it was time to go back to his professional roots after long years managing major international band tours, and he began looking for a theatre job.
‘I just happened to see the advert. It said: “Tivoli Theatre in Wimborne, Dorset, is looking for a general manager.” I’m sure it said something along the lines of ‘knowledge of the area useful’ or helpful or something. And I just thought, well, I went to school in Dorset. That’ll do …’

This month the Tivoli’s theatre manager sat down with Tracie Beardsley to choose his Dorset Island Discs – highlights are in the May issue of The BV magazine here, but in this extended edition of the BV podcast you can listen to the unedited full conversation, with all the bits we had to chop out!

You can listen to all Charlie’s music choices in his Dorset Island Discs playlist here

(Apologies for any background sounds – Charlie and Tracie met at the Crown Hotel in Blandford!)


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