AKC provided wide farming knowledge and a huge amount of expertise and experience’



AKC, an agricultural consultancy firm based near Devizes in Wiltshire, offer independent strategic and financial advice and consultancy for agricultural businesses – as well as bookkeeping and payroll services for all business types. AKC are engaged with the farming community and know first-hand the impact the current industry changes are having on farmers.

Stewardship application
AKC’s farm consultant, James Berry, provides technical and financial advice to farming clients. Farmer Simon Barrett engaged AKC for a farm business review with James, and found the process very simple: ‘AKC provided wide industry knowledge and a huge amount of expertise and experience.’
Simon also noted that James was very patient and personable: ‘he was happy to explain to me again and again, and helped me understand [the different schemes on offer]. It was more than comprehensive, and a very positive experience’, says Simon. It led him to ask James for help with his Countryside Stewardship application this year.
‘Last year I submitted the application for myself,’ he says, ‘but I felt anxious I wasn’t making the most of the scheme.’
After walking the farm with James and identifying how best to apply different stewardship options, Simon felt he attained a far higher level of revenue than if he had completed the application himself.
‘The stewardship application has been of most value to me’ says Simon. ‘Others should compare the price of professional fees with the income brought long term. I encourage other farmers to be brave on fees; be prepared to pay for professional advice, and it will pay dividends.
‘AKC were excellent. There was a mix of skills and a good marriage of financial awareness and breadth of agricultural knowledge. In my experience accountants generally don’t have the depth and technical knowledge of farming, so it was a revelation to have someone bring a better understanding that allowed me to feel more up to the numbers

Free advice
As part of the Future Farming Resilience Fund, AKC are working with NIAB and Savills to bring free tailored business advice to farmers in receipt of Basic Payments. This is an important opportunity for farmers to learn about the changes in policy, the impact it will have on their own business and how they can adapt to these challenges.
Simon Barrett was left feeling very encouraged by the advice he was given; ‘I learnt a huge amount about the ELMS schemes I could access,’ he says. ‘Also, James shared what is making other farms across the country more profitable.’
Another AKC client agreed the process of the farm business review worked very smoothly. Mark Vaughan Lee, from Dorset, describes his experience in receiving guidance on the replacement of BPS, learning about how they can do things differently, in addition to what they are currently doing.
‘I have been using AKC for ten years.’ He says. ‘They provide an excellent on-farm service and have held my hand throughout the process, especially with the transition and the loss of BPS payments.’

As environmental land management continually develops, AKC are helping clients with:
Sustainable Farming Incentive rollout/Animal health & welfare/Productivity opportunities
CSS Plus Applications planned in 2023
Slurry Infrastructure Grants
Opportunities for landscape recovery (developing working clusters)
What makes AKC unique is the array of commercial farm business experience backed up by a professional accountancy, bookkeeping & payroll team –providing clients with an
all-encompassed service.

Get in touch to see how we can help you – 01380 724687 akcagric.co.uk


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