Walking Cranborne Chase from Tidpit | 8.1 miles


This is such a simple, lovely route – really straightforward and some amazing views as an un-earned reward for little-to-no hill walking. Walked on a blustery and showery March day, so the images really don’t do justice to the route!

To follow this route using the Outdooractive App, please find The Tidpit walk in the Cranborne Chase here

This circular Cranborne Chase walk follows just a few long, straight paths, making it a breeze to follow as you cross the typical chalk downland and make the most of the sky and the views.

We parked in a small area right at the start marker, which is on the putskirts of a small collection of farm buildings. It is outside the farm itself, and the owners had no issues with us pulling off the track onto the triangle of grass.

Refusing to move as he listens to the skylarks

The first part of the track walks through open farmland which was made all the more beautiful by the noise of the larks above us; I’m not sure we’ve ever walked underneath so many!

The path isn’t exactly tricky to follow…

Passing between the long barrows, the track straightens onto what I guess is an old Roman Road, it runs so far in a dead straight line.

The gallops beside Northayes farm

Once you hit the gallops you have a couple of parallel options to turn left: we decided the first left would make an unnecessary down-and-up again, so we stayed on just a few minutes further for the second left, which crested the brow of the hill and avoided that dip.

The road goes ever on and on…

The return leg is another broad bridleway, this time following Grims Ditch, which we’re familiar with on our Martins Down walks.

This part of the route includes a small amount of road walking, but it’s a very quiet lane and there were no cars when we walked it. Then it’s back to the broad farm tracks, with spectacular sunset views as you slowly return to the car.


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