Local legends you probably don’t know, affordable housing, and the bee-fly


Jenny and Terry, the BV podcast team, have three exclusive interviews for you this week. Jenny chatted local history with Roger Guttridge, Terry discussed affordable housing developments and wildlife writer Jane Adams is back talking to Jenny! Just click the play button below to listen.

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  • Roger Guttridge recalls three local legends: a minister who upset early women’s libbers, Marnhull’s bull-baiting habit and the legendary toad doctor of Pulham
  • Planning permission was awarded to the Dorset-headquartered AJC Group for a collection of 13 open market homes and eight affordable dwellings (40 per cent) in Hazelbury Bryan. However, the company has an ambition to change the face of social housing, and AJC Group worked with developers Abri to provide 100 per cent affordable housing across the scheme. David Cracklen, director of AJC Group, spoke to Terry about the development.
  • Wildlife writer Jane Adams is looking forward to her own personal sign of spring – what she says is her Mary Quant of the insect world, the bee-fly. Jane also has a book out this month! Nature’s Wonders: Moments That Mark The Seasons, is published in conjunction with National Trust. You can see the BV review in Book Corner on the website , and Jenny chats to Jane about the book.


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