Bongos and cow bells at Whitesheet Primary


On Thursdays we are very lucky to have Mr Morgan, a specialist music teacher, come and visit us here at Whitesheet Primary for enrichment.
On the first Thursday, we learnt about different types of beats and counts. We decided whether we wanted to stamp, clap, click our fingers or whistle to the beat. After a lot of practice trying to hit the right beat, we created a rhythm with all of us playing something. We accompanied the chorus of Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran (most of us enjoyed the song but we all enjoyed our percussion section!).
On his next visit, Mr Morgan introduced instruments like bongos, shakers, tambourines and cow bells. We really enjoyed playing the different instruments even though it sometimes became very noisy! We were taught about different musical notes and we read the music to play the rhythms together. We are looking forward to what we will learn next.
By Hollie and Rene aged 10


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