A rare horse logger, and Lizzo to Quo via Busted with Bonnie


The March BV podcast begins, as always, with this month’s letter from the editor and all the latest reader’s letters. This month we move swiftly into politics, with the contributions from all four local party representatives. 
Then it’s on to this month’s Dorset Island Discs – our castaway this month is local shepherd and Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show organiser Bonnie Cradock.
Lastly, Tracie Beardsley went down to the woods to meet Toby Hoad one of only 12 working horses loggers in the UK.

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  • In politics, The Windsor Framework isn’t just good news for businesses, says MP Simon Hoare. It shows a return to adult politics and better relationships. 
    Mike Chapman of the LibDems says it’s time to stop the hand wringing and resolve the energy crisis. Ken Huggins of the Greens takes a long hard look at ethical consumerism, and Pat Osborne is looking ahead to the 2024 election, comparing ‘the missions versus the pledges’ of the leading parties.
  • As event organiser at the Turnpike Showground, shepherd Bonnie Cradock is facing a doubly busy spring, thanks to one over-excited fun-loving ram. From Lizzo to Quo via Busted, her Dorset Island Discs are a suitably personal, eclectic mix.
  • It may be 10,000 years old, but Toby Hoad believes the ancient skill of horse logging is vital in shaping and saving our woodlands. One of only 12 full-time horse loggers in the country, Toby talked to Tracie Beardsley when she went to meet him and his three sturdy Comtois – Ettie, Celine and Fleur – French mountain draft horses known for their steady and sociable natures.


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