The legless marshal and complaints about farmers


We are loving Jenny and Terry’s new BV podcast format – the interviews allow for so much more depth and discussion than we have space for within the magazine. Steve Tarrant is moving as he tells the story of the horrific life-altering 130mph crash at Goodwood which caused him to think HE was the lucky one, and Jenny talks to farmer and BV journalist Andrew Livingston in a wide-ranging talk which started with complaints about farmers and ended with Farmtok!

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In this episode:

• Terry talks to Steve Tarrant, a north Dorset man who suffered life-changing injuries at Goodwood in 2000. He has recently has been awarded the highest honour in motorsport for his courage and commitment. This is SUCH an interesting conversation – I suspect Terry will be back to talk more to Steve.

• Jenny talks to farmer and BV journalist Andrew Livingston, who says that thanks to the national newly-sanitised view of Countryfile-d farming, complaints about animal welfare are on the increase. It was SO interesting hearing Andrew discuss this in far more depth than we have space for in the magazine. Also, he says ‘rain makes cows look sad’ 😂

• In this month’s A Country Living column, Tracie Beardsley met Richard Lee, Dorset craftsman, founder of Plankbridge and pioneer of a global revival of shepherd’s huts

• Rachael Rowe shared the story of the Dorset surgeon who changed the worlds of art and science. The famous Hogarth paintings which hang above the Hogarth Stair at St Barts Hospital in London are undergoing restoration. But what do they have to do with a surgeon from North Dorset?

• The day the dam burst! In this month’s Looking Back column, Roger Guttridge describes a disastrous – and yet miraculous – day in North Dorset’s memory when the dam at Stourhead’s Gasper Bridge burst and the flood waters rushed through the bomb factory at Bourton, and on to Gillingham, over a century ago.


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