The rise of the North Dorset Rugby Senior Ladies Team


Women’s contact sport is on the rise – and the North Dorset Rugby Club Women’s Team is having quite a moment, says Mel Mitchell

Women’s contact sport is on the rise – and the North Dorset Rugby Club Women’s Team is having quite a moment, says Mel Mitchell

Back in 2018 the North Dorset Rugby Club made the decision to host an Allianz Inner Warrior Camp as a way of reintroducing and rebuilding the senior ladies rugby team. The programme was (and still is) aimed at trying to encourage more women and girls to play rugby. The beauty of this programme is that you don’t have to have ever played rugby before – I certainly hadn’t when I turned up. Whether you are new to the game or have just had a break from it, the programme is inclusive to all.
From October 2018, when I attended that first inner warrior session to the present day the senior ladies team has thrived, though I would be lying if I said numbers were consistent throughout those four years. COVID, for one, definitely put a spanner in the works in the development of the team, as it did for everyone. It’s also natural that commitments change and it’s always sad to see players and coaches go that have helped shape the team. The team have, however, been fortunate to continue to have new faces join – both players and coaches – that have helped the team on their journey to where they are today. It’s the commitment of these players and coaches, past and present, that have kept this wonderful team of women going.
From playing a few friendlies back when the team first formed to playing in a developmental league ato this season playing in their first ever competitive league (NC3 South West (North)). A league in which the North Dorset women are currently top of.
Not only that but they are dominating all the friendlies and remain undefeated so far this season!
All the hard work, on the field and behind the scenes, from both the players and the coaches is definitely paying off. They truly are a force to be reckoned with!

North Dorset Rugby Club
Women’s Team are always keen to see new players. Whether you currently play, used to play, or have never played rugby before, everyone is welcome.
Training is every Wednesday, 7pm to 8:30pm in Gillingham
Contact head coach
Zac on 07508 954397


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