Gifts for the gardener!


Don’t fret. Local flower farmer Charlotte Tombs has the answer to what you’re all asking – what CAN you buy for the gardener in your life?

t’s that time of year and I thought perhaps some of my personal favourites might be useful to know this month. I’m often asked what my favourite or most-used garden tool is – hands down with no hesitation or second thought required it’s my Hori Hori knife!

The perfect tool
A Hori Hori knife is a Japanese digging, weeding, bulb-planting all round brilliant hand tool. I love mine and I often give one as a present. I bought mine from Niwaki, a company near Shaftesbury – do check their opening hours. They offer a great online ordering service.

The golden spade
My other favourite tool is my golden spade. This was actually a Valentine’s present from my husband (he knows me well). It’s small and incredibly lightweight and it makes digging tasks an absolute pleasure. Again this is available from Niwaki (image above) and in checking the link I have just noticed they now have a shovel and a square spade too. They’ve just been added to my own Christmas list!

Snips you can see
Garden snips are next on my list. Burgon and Ball sell a FloraBrite range which have fluorescent coloured handles – really not a thing of beauty but when you put them down you can find them!
WHY do they usually make them with green handles?
That’s just camouflage!

Next on my list are my Carhartt bib overalls, or dungarees as us Brits call them. These are a game changer because they keep the small of your back warm (apologies, I’m in danger of sounding like my grandmother) plus they have loads of pockets so you get to do that great pat-yourself-down pocket dance!

A good penknife is another essential – Opinel is my favourite. You can also get the blade or handle engraved so it becomes a lovely personal gift.
Garden twine is another must-have, no one ever has too much! Nutscene is where to go for that – they have some lovely sets which make another great gift.

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