We all need a little ((BOUNCE))


A high intensity workout to disco lights that promises to be kind to the knees and a lot of fun – have you tried a ((BOUNCE)) class yet? [ad]

At the start of 2019, Maja Jurczak made herself a new resolution – she was going to start exercising again, only this time she’d definitely stick to it. In the search for something new, she stumbled across ((BOUNCE)) sessions in Sherborne, and thought she might give it a try. Maja loved it so much that not only did she keep going, but after a few months she trained as an instructor herself.
((BOUNCE)) Wincanton soon followed, and now Maja runs sessions in Gillingham too.
‘It’s just the most amazing group – it is currently mostly women, just because cardio to music is always seen as a ‘girl’s thing’. But the exercise is for everyone; even top Premier club footballers use rebounders for recovery’ said Maja.
‘Research shows that exercising on the rebounders is up to three times more effective than the same workout done on the floor. It’s so effective that NASA astronauts incorporate it into their training regimes to build serious strength and stamina pre-lift off.
‘It encourages an increase in bone density – especially important in ladies over 40 – and of course it’s zero impact so it’s really kind to joints. The trampoline pad absorbs 87% of shock.
‘Honestly I could go on and on, I’m a ((BOUNCE))bore. It’s brilliant for the pelvic floor, it’s terrific for balance, agility, great for stamina… and most of all it’s FUN. Come on, who doesn’t love bouncing on a trampoline?!’
Maja was quick to point out how inclusive and non-judgemental the classes are too ‘We dim the lights and get the disco spots spinning. No one’s watching or judging – it’s just a really fun atmosphere, a great community feel.’
Maja is happy she has class goers in their 60s and older, but also young mums ‘I’m always kid-friendly. The need for (and cost of) childcare is such a huge barrier to exercise, especially for young mums. So I’m happy for them to bring their kids along – if there’s a spare trampoline they can bounce too, but they’ll often just play with each other at the back. It’s so good for them just to observe, to understand from a young age that exercise is not only a normal part of life, but we do it for fun.’
((BOUNCE)) is a flexible workout – even the high intensity sections can easily be adapted for all ages, sizes and abilities. ‘Exercise isn’t a punishment! It’s a way to be proud of your strength, to enjoy your body. We just put on a great playlist and sing along!
‘As the nights draw in it’s really important that we all keep exercising to keep those happy hormones swooshing about our bodies. It’s not about losing weight, or meeting a target. It’s simply about working at your own pace, and building strength class after class.
‘Sorry, am I talking too much? You might be able to tell, I’m just so passionate. I LOVE what I do!’

((BOUNCE)) is a low impact high intensity full body workout on mini trampolines. The one hour session splits into 40 minutes of dance-choreographed HIIT cardio followed by 20 minutes of toning.
((BOUNCE)) Wincanton is at the Memorial Hall
7.30 to 8.30pm
Thursdays 7 to 8pm
See Facebook here

((BOUNCE)) Gillingham is at BONES Youth Centre
Mondays and Fridays
6.30 to 7.30pm.
See Facebook here
Cost is £6.95 per class – no commitment, no sign up fees, bulk class passes are available.


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