Walk near Forde Abbey (but Abbey-less) | 11 miles


This walk in the Marshwood vale is a quiet and beautiful day’s hike. It’s well marked, but does cross a lot of streams and fords so choose footwear with care if it’s been wet! It is so-named because we don’t recall getting a sight of Forde Abbey itself, despite its proximity!

To follow this route using the Outdooractive App, please find the route here.

Do keep an eye on the map – as you switch between major paths (the Monarchs Way, the Wessex Ridgeway, the Liberty Trail) it’s easy to stroll past your next turn, enjoying your current easy path!

The terrain is varying, with lovely views of the wide Marshwood Vale as well as green lanes, sheltered fields and a beautiful woodland lake.

We parked on the broad verge outside the gates of the PYO farm – not ideal, but completely off road and out of the way. Another option would be to park in the NT car park at Lambert’s Castle, which is almost halfway round the route – you’d add a short length onto the walk, but do get to take in a iron age hill fort too!


All the Dorset Walks we feature have been created and walked recently by ourselves, so you know you can trust them – we aim for unpopulated routes with as little road and as many views as possible! You can always see the route and follow it yourself via the free Outdoor Active app – see all our routes here.


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