Sandroyd’s Walled Garden – a magic wand of pre-prep?


If you could wave a magic wand and create the perfect pre-prep for little ones, how would it look?
The school would be designed to make those first steps on the learning journey packed full of wonder, excitement, challenge, and variety.

Inside, there’d be purpose-built spaces, some cosy, some high tech.
Outside, children would have the space to explore, learn, relax – or just let off steam. And the staff, of course, would have the expert knowledge, enthusiasm, and – just as important – understanding of what makes younger pupils tick, knowing when to challenge them to go that little bit further and when to hold back.
The Walled Gardens’ Head, Polly Holbrook, says that this stage is all about giving children skills for the future: ‘It’s about the skill sets they need, about emotional intelligence, working as a group, creativity, adaptability, and having a growth mindset. All those skills are more important than ever,’ Polly explains. ‘We’re equipping them with skills, so that if something unexpected comes along, they’re not going to be knocked sideways. They’re going to be all right, cope, and be successful.’
To find out more about Sandroyd’s nursery and pre-prep The Walled Garden please visit


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