The whole school went to Longleat!


On Friday the 16th of September, Whitesheet CofE Primary had a whole-school trip to Longleat for a day. There were so many fantastic animals that we saw. At the start, we went on a boat where we got to see sea lions, monkeys, gorillas and hippos. It was so exciting seeing the hippos as they are normally under the water. Barking loudly, the sea lions were clamouring for attention.

After the boat, we split off into our groups and went to see different and spectacular animals. My favourite part of the trip was seeing the sloths move and eat. They were two-toed sloths and I was ecstatic that I could see the sloths. Also we went through the safari and we saw all kinds of phenomenal creatures such as tigers, lions, giraffes, flamingos, rhinos and camels. We all had such a magnificent and wonderful experience at Longleat!
Written by 10 year old
Hollie S in Year 6


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