There’s a cyber resilience centre near you


Cyber resilience centres (CRC)are a national policing network – essentially they are crime prevention businesses for our digital age. They are led by serving police officers and staff, and thanks to Home Office funding they are able to provide a swathe of free guidance and support to businesses, charities and the public sector.
A core part of their work is helping small businesses learn online skills and cyber basics. They can provide a health check on your IT system security through to assisting on how to recover from a cyber attack – which happens more often than most would think. Two in five businesses spotted an attempted cyber breach last year; their offer is an essential one for most small businesses.
Each cyber resilience centre has enjoys building strong business partnerships, and they are keen to do whatever they can to work more widely with the business community.
The CRC’s want to work with as many small businesses and charities as they can, in order to make the entire local community safer (potentially when a local business is under cyber attack, the data they hold is also threatened, and in small local businesses that data is the local community).
They are also keen to speak with bigger companies who might be able to provide support in turn.
You can find contact details for Dorset’s CRC at They’ll be very happy to talk with you and to explore the potential for mutual support.


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