How To Slash Your Energy Bills While Being Kind To The Planet



If – like many homes and businesses across Dorset – you’ve been negatively affected by energy bills rising significantly over the last few months, then keep reading as we bid to save you up to thousands of pounds on your energy bills over time. Sam Hughes, Head of Renewable Energy at The Unique Group has answered some of the most frequently asked questions that they are hearing from their customers as home and business owners look to go ‘off grid’ and switch to renewable energy sources that won’t continue to rise and aren’t harmful to the environment.

One of The Unique Group’s solar installations

Can I get renewable energy in a rural area in Dorset?
Yes, absolutely you can. Rural areas are prime locations for adding renewable products within your home or business. No longer do you have to suffer with power outages and high heating costs by adding solar panels, batteries, and heat pumps. All you need to do is speak to our friendly team of experts who will conduct a survey of your property (which only takes an hour of your time). This survey allows us to collect a detailed report and we would also need a copy of your latest energy bill for accurate return of investment calculations.

How much will I save by installing solar panels?
This answer is different for every customer – it depends on the size of your property and your budget. However, we can design systems that can drastically reduce your energy bills, often by over half! By also installing an air source heat pump, for example, you have the ability to reduce your heating costs by removing your oil, LPG or gas boiler and adding an energy-efficient system that is proven to reduce your heating costs too.

Sam Hughes, Head of Renewable Energy at The Unique Group

How much does the average solar panel installation cost a home/business?
Installation costs really do vary depending on the size of the roof or area we can install solar panels on. But a common house installation will start between £5,000 to £7,000 with an associated battery. With the current costs of energy, there is no better time to look at installing a renewable energy system in your home or business. As well as the potential £5,000 grant provided for by the government, it has now never been cheaper to go off-grid!
If you have a larger area of land, installing solar farms will give you the flexibility to host a large number of panels – but of course, they come at a greater cost. We can offer finance packages for businesses; our experienced team is on hand to give the best advice on the best route to becoming independent from the grid network as its stability hangs in the balance.

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