A lost NHS, the murdering Dorset rector and new insight into Robert Baden-Powell


In the second of the September BV Podcast:

  • ‘The NHS has lost its way’ – Patricia Miller, CEO for Dorset’s Integrated Care Board, oversees complex health services and health improvement programmes. Her thoughts on Dorset’s poverty and its inextricable link to the population’s health are eye-opening as she shares her fascinating life’s story through her Dorset Island Discs
  • In politics, light-touch government is an excellent theory, says North Dorset Green Party’s Ken Huggins, but in practice it just doesn’t hold water. Or sewage.
    Labour’s Pat Osborne says the New Green Deal is already planned, and though a summer of local fairs can lift a community, there’s no hiding from the anxious mood that grips the Vale’s residents, says North Dorset Lib Dems’ Mike Chapman
  • This month Roger Guttridge tells the story of an 18th cenury rector of Lydlinch who was obsessed with hunting – but his first quarry was an unfortunate old woman
  • Farmer Martin Green is claimed to be the most profesisonal of amateur archaelogists. A visit to his remarkable Down Farm Museum is highly recommended, says Rupert Hardy, chair of North Dorset CPRE
  • Baden Powell was the Boy Scout who never wanted to grow up. In her open-minded new biography, Dorset journalist Lorraine Gibson unearths fascinating insights into this complex character.


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