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Monthly updates from the various North Dorset Police Teams. This month’s news is from Sturminster Newton’s PCSO 5352 Mandy Robinson

The pedestrianised section of Sturminster Newton’s Station Road comes under attention after reports of an increased amount of traffic

“Local NPT officers have been patrolling areas near to the Steam Fair, a visible deterence to criminals that may be in the area, providing a reassuring presence to locals who feel vulnerable.”

Station Road in Sturminster Newton, the top section, has been pedestrianised for a significant number of years. Recently we have received reports of an increased amount of traffic, with suggestions that some drivers are not permitted to use this section of road. We will be showing an increased presence on this section of road and any driver caught contravening the traffic order will be subject of a fixed penalty notice, resulting in a non- endorsable fine of £50.

“Station Road is pedestrianised; following recent complaints about misuse and unnecessary usage there will be an increased presence from the local team.”

Anti-social behaviour
Making Communities Safer is a nationally-run campaign with the aim of bringing communities and organisations together take a stand against anti-social behaviour (ASB), in order to make communities safer.
During ASB awareness week, and due to recent ASB in Sturminster Newton, the neighbourhood Policing Team PCSO Mandy Robinson and PC Phil Sugrue invited district councillor Carole Jones and town councillor Debbie Mantock to join them in ASB preventative foot patrols in Sturminster Newton.
This was an opportunity for working with our partners and to engage, jointly, with the young people who meet up in the town. We patrolled the Railway Gardens, the town area, Butts Pond, Rixon Rec and Ricketts Lane Rec (also known as the Town Rec). Only two groups were seen and spoken to during the evening.

“Make sure you remember to drive to the conditions. Heavy rain and standing water can take the driver by surprise – often with dramatic consequences. This driver got caught out & tipped over just outside Shaftesbury, fortunately was uninjured.”

Banking scam
Recently a local residence was contacted by phone by a male purporting to be from Barclays Bank. The caller stated that there had been fraudulent activity on the bank account and that it was necessary to move the money to a ‘safe’ account. The caller then shared bank details for this safe transfer account.
The intended victim was told to attend the bank and to phone the caller – the scammer – when they arrived, and to keep the phone line open. Fortunately, the bank realised this was a scam and no monies were lost.
Please be on your guard and report suspicious activity to the police either by calling 101 or via the police website

If a crime is occurring or a life is in danger, always call 999.


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