First beaver kits born in Dorset for 400 years, Dorset summer foraging and the Winterborne Kingston dig


In this week’s episode we take a peaceful stroll through the wildlife and farming sections, along with a fascinating article from the health section on why you’re never too old to ‘keep moving’ – and why exercise isn’t such a stupid idea even if you’re in your 70s or 80s:

  • The latest Winterborne Kingston dig reveals the lifestyle and habits of our Dorset forebears more than 2,000 years ago, says Roger Guttridge
  • When she was young, wildlife writer Jane Adams was told ‘you can’t hear bats’ –  and she believed it for 30 years … But you can.
  • Trail cams have now captured sightings of the first beaver kits born in Dorset for more than 400 years says Hazel Ormrod from Dorset Wildlife Trust; for two weeks it was thought there was only one.
  • A favourite spring flower is a surprise forage in late summer, and expert Carl Mintern has the real reason for those pucker-up sour blackberries right next to the sweet ones
  • Understanding biennials has led to a nostalgic flower patch full of scent and colour, says flower farmer Charlotte Tombs
  • Ragwort is a menace to all animal owners, says Andrew Livingston – but he suspects his passion for picking the poisonous plant isn’t popular with conservation groups
  • Dry crops aren’t always a good thing, says fifth generation farmer James Cossins, as he explains late night combine harvesting and reducing the fire risk
  • Too old? Absolutely not, says expert Mel Mitchell, as she explains why you should never stop – and why it’s never to late too start
  • Great skin is rarely about what you put on it, says nutritional therapist Karen Geary – instead try looking at what you’re eating


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