A parrot rescuer, London expats running a thriving Dorset store and an award-winning sausage business


The weather’s taken a turn, so settle in with a mug of something warm and have a listen to the second of August’s podcasts: just click play below, and turn up the volume!

In this week’s episode:

  • Laura Beddow is a Dorset councillor, a parrot rescuer, and dreams of an itinerant life playing her viola around a campfire with a cider in her hand. She shares the tracks of her years in Dorset Island Discs.
  • ‘Don’t sell the sausage. Sell the sizzle.’ Sophie Baker is managing to do both –  brilliantly – with her award-winning sausage business, reports Tracie Beardsley in this month’s A Country Living
  • This month Rachael Rowe met Jen Daly and Ken Peet – London expats who are the proud owners of the thriving Cerne Abbas Stores – in Meet Your Local
  • In the local politics round up, all four voices have something different to say. Simon Hoare MP considers the change in the way we consume our news has lead inexorably to a political fatigue. Ken Huggins of the Green Party considers the relevance of a recent Hollywood film, Mike Chapman ranges his thoughts from lurching politics to the cost of living crisis, and Labour’s pat osborne considers Blandford’s own drop in the ocean.
  • In this month’s Then and Now, Roger Guttridge visits Halstock to share the macabre story of how a pious Dorset girl came to lose her head


  1. Where are the details of the super sausages I cannot find the details. I have picked up a couple of references but nothing substantial where am I going wrong???


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