Women fighting, and chef Mark Hix and his Poundland habit | It’s the BV Podcast


If you’ve not had a chance to flick through the August issue yet, then why not click play below whilst you’re getting on, and enjoy a 30 minutes catch up?

Lead story this week is the visit to Dorset of the two Tory leadership contenders Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak – Fanny Charles was on the spot to ask their thoughts on pertinent rural issues such as farming and housing.

In the month we saw the Lionesses lift the European trophy, Rachael Rowe has spoken to three North Dorset women who have become national champions in their traditionally-male sports.
Mark Hix, chef and restaurateur, braves the random 19 questions and reveals a love of a good bargain (eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Poundland are his top shopping choices!).


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