Running up the hill. A lot.


Two local men have been training to run up Everest – right here in Dorset. The challenge is set for August, and they hope you’ll support them

The timing is almost perfect. Kate Bush’s 1980s hit ‘Running Up That Hill’ is back at number one in the charts, thanks to the latest season of ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix. And two local men will be running up that Hambledon Hill rather a lot in August.
If someone told you they were climbing to the top of Mount Everest, right here in Dorset, you’d probably think they were a bit mad. But that’s exactly what Charlie Lickiss from Child Okeford and his friend Archie Parks have set themselves to do, in aid of the Young People’s Trust for the Environment.
Dorset has its fair share of hills, but clearly nothing approaching Everest-height. Charlie explained:
“we’re actually going to run the height of Everest in August. It will involve running Hambledon Hill, up and down, consecutively in one activity. A total distance of 102 miles and 8,848m in elevation. It should take us around 24 hours to complete.”

Locals will know that at 192m it’s not a towering mountain, but it is a steep climb! The challenge is roughly four marathons in distance, and the equivalent of running up and down Snowdon eight times.
Why run the hill?
The friends are veterans of endurance racing “We are both passionate about the environment and outdoor sports, so we wanted to take on a challenge that incorporated both of those things, “ said Charlie
“The work Peter and the team do at the YPTE is amazing, so we wanted to show our support doing what we love!

“We will need as much support as possible on the day, so feel free to come along and watch us attempt ‘Everest in Dorset’. Base camp is at the Shroton Cricket Club. If you can’t make the date but still want to show your support, you can donate to our ‘Everest Running Challenge 2022’ Go Fund Me here.”

Charlie and Archie’s Hambledon Everest Challenge will start at 3pm on 6th August and is likely to last for around 24 hours.


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