Let’s not forget the senior pets


The team at MGAR share the story of Herman, just one of the senior pets they rescue and rehome every year. Do you have room for a senior pet?

Herman is a sweet boy who has suffered far more than any dog should. He is an 11 year old Lurcher and he came into our Lincoln Farm Centre this year as an unclaimed stray. The staff could see that he has had a hard life. He was emaciated when he arrived, and struggled to walk as he was so drained of energy. Herman was in desperate need of some love and care. Even though he was in such a poor state, he would always stagger to his feet to greet the staff with a very waggy tail – the team felt he knew he was finally safe. The vet suspected that two of his legs were previously broken and had just been left to heal, which meant that they have not healed correctly and he is a little wobbly when he walks.

Every penny counts
Along with his starved body, Herman also had overgrown nails, rotten teeth and pressure sores all over. He was taken for emergency dental treatment where he had 18 teeth removed, as he had track lines on his gums indicating an infection. He also required a second operation for another six teeth to be taken out, as it was too dangerous for him to be under general anaesthetic any longer due to his age.
The cost of Herman’s operations and treatment has already cost over £1,400, with the possibility of this
increasing with further procedures. Despite his trials and ailments, Herman is the most wonderful, adoring and cheeky old gent who has stolen the hearts of everyone that has met him.

Your support could help
The cost of providing care is the sanctuary’s largest expense – but we firmly believe it’s necessary. Animals should be able to live a happy and pain free life. We spend a staggering £2,500 per week on veterinary fees, and for older animals at our centres like Herman, these are usually age-related medical issues.

A quiet old age
We all understand how important it is to have some peace and quiet and a safe place to rest, which is what we aim to provide for all pets who find themselves in our care. It is unsettling for any pet to have their world
turned upside down. But in their golden years it can be devastating. We rescue thousands of senior animals and sadly they are often overlooked, which means they spend longer at our rescue centres.
Today, we ask you to not look the other way and help with the ever-increasing costs of caring for them. A donation today will truly help, and 100 per cent of every donation goes towards the care and welfare of the animals at our rescue centres.


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