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“As it’s such a pleasure to share books at events both in the shop and out and about, I thought I’d bring a couple of books to your attention that have the authors visiting Sherborne in June” – Wayne

Taking Stock : A Journey Among Cows by Roger Morgan Grenville £ 16.99

Since Highland cattle ransacked his grandmother’s vegetable patch when he was six, Roger has been fascinated by cows. So at the age of 61, with no farming experience, he signed on as a part-time labourer on a beef cattle farm to tell their side of the story. The result is this lyrical and evocative book. Cattle have existed alongside us, fed and shod us, quenched our thirst, and provided a thousand other tiny services, and yet most of us know little about them. We are also blissfully unaware of the de-natured lives we often ask them to lead. Part history, part adventure and part unsentimental manifesto for how we should treat cows in the 21st century, Taking Stock asks us to think carefully about what we eat, and to let nature back
into food production.

Roger Morgan Grenville is speaking at a Sherborne Literary Society event on June 8th – see more details and book tickets here

A Fortunate Woman: A Country Doctor’s Story by Polly Morland £16.99

Polly Morland was clearing her late mother’s house when she found a battered paperback fallen behind the family bookshelf. She was astonished to see inside an old photograph of the remote, wooded valley in which she lives. The book was A Fortunate Man, John Berger’s classic account of a country doctor working in the same valley more than half a century earlier. This chance discovery led Morland to the remarkable doctor who serves that valley community today, a woman whose own medical vocation was inspired by reading the very same book as a teenager. Interweaving the doctor’s story with those of her patients, reflecting on the relationship between landscape and community, and upon the wider role of medicine in society, a unique portrait of a 21st century family doctor emerges. Illustrated throughout with photographs by Richard Baker.

On June 30th Wayne invites you to join him for an evening with Polly Morland. Enjoy a glass of wine, a talk and a signing. Tickets just £2, redeemable against the book. More details here

In 2022 Winstone’s celebrates 10 years as Sherborne’s Independent Bookseller. Winstone’s has won the British Book Awards South West Bookseller of the Year four times and was winner of the Independent Bookseller of the Year national award in 2016. Owner Wayne Winstone was previously one of the three judges for the Costa Prize for Fiction, and in 2018 Wayne was selected as one of the top 100 people in the Bookseller’s Most Influential Figures listing.


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