Walks and card games in Durweston, supercars, and Tom Robinson 72 and still rocking!


The first episode of June’s BV podcast is out now – just click the play button to listen. We’re excited that it includes the full interview with Tom Robinson (we could only put highlights in the magazine, and he was SO interesting as he chatted about touring at 70, the brilliance of the modern music industry, twenty years of introducing new artists on the BBC… and his accidental career as a campaigner) – ahead of his show at Sturminster Newton’s The Exchange.
if you’ve not had a chance to click through the June issue yet, then why not just listen to the first episode? 

In this first of June’s episodes:

  1. The Letter from the Editor, Laura Hitchcock
  2. Walks and card games in Durweston are helping one family settle in Adrian and Marie Fisher in Durweston have welcomed three generations of one Ukrainian family. Adrian shares how they are settling into life in Dorset
  3. North Dorset offers a welcome A local committee has been quietly working to help settle refugees – one family at a time – from all parts of the globe, reports Rachael Rowe
  4. Local teenager’s event attracts 120 supercars worth £120,000 to £1.2m! A student from Clayesmore School has surprised and captivated supercar owners with his creative meet-ups. Rachael Rowe reports
  5. Tom Robinson – 72, and still got it Tom Robinson, songwriter and broadcaster, will be at The Exchange later this month, performiing his full set on his way to Glastonbury. The Podcast includes the full interview as Laura Hitchcock spoke to him about his 50-year career as a musician, as a broadcaster and as an activist.
  6. Internationally bestselling author Natasha Solomons takes on the Random 19 questions Natasha Solomons is the author of five novels, including Mr Rosenblum’s List (set in Dorset) and The Novel in the Viola, which was chosen for the Richard & Judy Book Club. Her latest book, I, Mona Lisa, is just out in paperback
  7. A greener goodbye In a remote barn in Dorset, with pigeons and podcasts for company, Sophia Campbell is quietly revolutionising funerals with her reusable coffins and environmentally-friendly farewells, Tracie Beardsley reports


  1. We also had a Beacon in Templecombe. It was sited at the highest point of the village. As the fire caught and our Beacon was in full swing we could see other Beacons on the ridge at Cucklintgon, towards Alfred’s Tower, across the valley in the Charlton Musgrove area. When I got home around 10:00 I was able to stand in the upper part of our house and look out of the roof windows and looked toward the ridge at Bryanstone, where there was an amazing view of the Beacons in that area. Templecombe celebrated in style and the flags are still flying today.

  2. Wonderful. Just like broadcasting used to be before politics and pc became overriding. Just sound reporting interesting items well presented.
    Can’t wait for the next one. Congratulations to all the team.

  3. I really enjoyed this. I’m sat in the summer house doing some crochet. I can’t read and crochet so I thought I’d try you out. Perfect solution.

    • Oh brill – I’m so glad! And thank you for letting us know, we love to hear how and where people are listening. I’m a bit jealous of crocheting in the summer house, mind …


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