Can we ‘Build back better’?


It’s not just a political slogan – we simply have to, argues the Green Party’s Ken Huggins.

‘Build Back Better’. Great ambition, or just another meaningless slogan designed to make people think you’re worth voting for ?
Can we actually ‘Build Back Better’? Of course we can, and the blunt truth is that we simply have to. Not least because the present parlous state of the planet has been brought about by the failings of the existing
political & economic models. They have allowed human greed for money and power to create systems that put profit before people and planet. With disastrous consequences, as so many of us are now beginning
to realise.
First, though, we have to answer more questions: who are we going to build back better for, what does building back better mean, and how are we going to go about it?
Answering those questions honestly will require us to set side our differences, and work together. Not an easy task for some, I know, but surely an essential one.
The answer to the first question has to be ‘Everyone’. And not just in the interests of equality, as vitally important as that is. The ever-growing divide between the Haves and the Have Nots threatens to bring
down our whole society. If that were to be allowed to happen then we would all lose, rich and poor alike.
I was much heartened by the recent by-election in Lyme & Charmouth, which saw a slump in voter support for all three main parties and an astonishing 27% swing towards the Green Party. My pleasure was not
because ‘We’ beat ‘Them’ but because the result shows that the mood of ordinary people is continuing to shift as their disillusionment grows with the failings and inequality of the present system. It also means
there is now another voice on Dorset Council speaking for people and planet.
What’s not to like !


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