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Keeping up to date with employment law is a challenge – it can be easier to outsource than to keep up, explains Dawn Gallie, Head of the BattensHR team.
Head of Battens Employment team, solicitor Dawn Gallie

The fast-moving world of employment law can be difficult for many employers to keep pace with. BattensHR is a bespoke service developed by Battens Solicitors to meet those challenges. The Head of its Employment team, solicitor Dawn Gallie, explains the benefits of a besopoke expert team:

1. Legal experts – HR plus law
We are experts in our field, and advise on general HR matters including performance management, grievance and disciplinary processes and dismissal. We are also deal with discrimination and whistleblowing, contract changes and TUPE. We keep updated changes in complex legislation and case law and, by virtue of our qualifications and experience, we are perfectly equipped to condense this into straightforward, practical advice for our clients. As we regularly present cases at Employment Tribunals, we know what Judges consider in making decisions and how our recommended course of action could be perceived.

2. Cost effective solution
BattensHR gives you unlimited day-to-day advice on HR and employment law matters, all for a fixed annual fee. You can also add insurance to cover both the cost and compensation in the event of a claim against your business. BattensHR means never having to worry about the costs of obtaining employment advice and having the advice & support on hand, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

3. Privileged advice
Whenever you receive advice from a solicitor, that advice is protected by Legal Professional Privilege. This isn’t the case when you consult an HR advisor. Likewise, any communication between you and your solicitor in preparation for anticipated or actual litigation is protected by Litigation Privilege. Correspondence between you and your HR advisor is disclosable as part of legal proceedings and all HR advice is disclosable
as part of a Subject Access Request (with some exemptions) so there is a risk that your communications will end up being scrutinised by a Judge, and in the public domain.

4. Bespoke documents
As part of Battens HR we provide all your documents from initial employment contracts through to disciplinary and dismissal letters. We provide tailored, accurate and carefully drafted documents which fit your business needs and comply with the latest legal requirements.

5. Continuity of advice
We are a dedicated specialist team who provide continuity of service from initial contact, with day-to-day advice through to litigation, including undertaking advocacy at Employment Tribunal. We are often able to prevent issues reaching Tribunal by resolving them early on and, where appropriate, assisting you in negotiating a settlement. This continuity means we won’t need time to get up to speed on a matter and we can be confident that the correct processes have been followed.

6. Commercial approach
We tailor our advice to our clients’ business, rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Part of that is building a relationship with you, knowing your business and its resources. We will advise on what settlement is reasonable and what sort of award an employee might achieve at Tribunal, so you can weigh up costs, risks and management time.

For more information about BattensHR contact Dawn Gallie email or 01935 846272.


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