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“Given what is going on in the world today, this month’s selections have a political theme. A fascinating and timely book by Oliver Bullough on how our capital became Londongrad, and an incisive account of the second most powerful unelected woman in the UK today.” – Wayne

Butler to the World : How Britain became the servant of oligarchs, tax dodgers, kleptocrats and criminals by Oliver Bullough, £20

How did Britain become the servant of the world’s most powerful and corrupt men? From accepting multi-million pound tips from Russian oligarchs, to enabling Gibraltar to become an offshore gambling haven, meet Butler Britain … In the immortal words of former US Secretary of State Dean Acheson, ‘Britain has lost an empire and not yet found a role.’ But the funny thing was, Britain had already found a role. It even had the costume. The leaders of the world just hadn’t noticed it yet. Butler to the World reveals how the UK took up its position at the elbow of the worst people on Earth: the oligarchs, kleptocrats and gangsters. We pride ourselves on values of fair play and the rule of law, but few countries do more to frustrate global anti-corruption efforts. We are now a nation of Jeeveses, snobbish enablers for rich halfwits of considerably less charm than Bertie Wooster. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Brilliant’ Marina Hyde, Guardian
A savage analysis of Britain’s soul. As essential as Orwell at his best’ Peter Pomerantsev’

First Lady: Ihttps://shop.winstonebooks.co.uk/products/9781785907500ntrigue at the Court of Carrie and Boris Johnson by Michael Ashcroft, £20

Carrie Johnson is not only the consort of the Prime Minister; she is also considered to be the second most powerful unelected woman in Britain after the Queen. Since she moved into Downing Street in July 2019, questions have been raised about her influence, her apparent desire to control events, and the number of her associates who have been appointed to positions of standing. Are these concerns justified?
In this carefully researched unauthorised biography, Michael Ashcroft scrutinises Mrs Johnson’s colourful family, her attempt to become a professional actress, and her early decision to work in politics. Long before she moved into No. 10, Mrs Johnson made a name for herself as a Conservative Party press aide before becoming a special adviser to two Cabinet ministers and eventually director of communications at Conservative campaign headquarters. Aside from politics, she is the mother of two young children and
campaigns in the fields of the environment and animal welfare. Carrie Johnson is a very modern prime ministerial spouse. This book offers the electorate the chance to assess exactly what role she plays in Boris
Johnson’s unpredictable administration and why that matters.

In 2022 Winstone’s celebrates 10 years as Sherborne’s Independent Bookseller.
Winstone’s has won the ‘British Book Awards South West Bookseller of the Year’ four times and was
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selected as one of the top 100 people in the Bookseller’s Most Influential Figures listing.


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