‘Reading the Land’ – Shaftesbury’s first Book Festival

The theme ‘Reading the Land’ is an invitation to share in the passion, experience and insight of our authors as we explore the best of nature writing.

With much of the last 18 months spent adjusting to new limitations, many of us have explored the lanes and paths closer to home in a bid to find new ways to stretch our minds (and legs!). For some, it has been a chance to reconnect with nature, while for others it has proven an opportunity to examine more closely the natural world around us.
“We hope to stimulate positive ways of living with nature, and encourage the audience to share our passion for the landscapes, coasts, and flora and fauna”
Whether you’re in the town or country, high-rise or ground-level, there are ways to notice nature and what’s happening in the environment around us. Our authors bring their insights to the Festival, exploring a variety of themes connected to the landscape; the importance of trees and bees, rewilding, and so much more.

For more information about the events and to see our list of authors please click here.

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