10 New Year resolutions to achieve a better balance between work and your personal life


Are you prepared for this new year? Dorset Chamber’s CEO Ian Girling suggests a quick business re-think.


I’d like to belatedly wish you a very happy and successful 2022 – and I hope that you had the opportunity for a break to relax. The Christmas period is always a good time to reflect and look at your plans for the future – to improve both your business, and the quality of your personal life. Here are 10 resolutions that you may want to consider in your business for the coming year:

1. Review your business plan. This isn’t just something you occasionally dust off for the bank manager. It should be a living relevant plan for your business giving you structure and direction. It should also include your financial forecast as well. Now is the ideal time to make sure you have direction for the year ahead.

2. Within this, it’s worth reviewing how you are embedding technology in your business. This should include your digital marketing and online presence, but also how your business is using technology to improve productivity and to better utilise resources.

3. This is a good time to review your employee policies to ensure they are legally up to date but also relevant. It’s a good idea to specifically look at your well- being and reward policies for your staff. A healthy and motivated team is the backbone of any business.

4. Plan your holidays. This may sound strange given you’ve possibly just had a break but planning a holiday provides a psychological boost; something to look forward to and work towards.

5. Be part of a business organisation or community. You’d expect me to say this, but I would recommend any business should be a part of a business organisation.
You’ll find benefits for your business and importantly be part of a community of like- minded people which is a hugely important.

6. Undertake a customer
survey and review what your competition are up to. Ask your customers about the value you deliver for them and also look for ways you can improve. It’s always good to have a look at your competition and see how you can strive to stay ahead. Even look at any best practice you can learn from them.

7. Look at how you can improve your work and life balance. Running a business can be stressful, and can place pressures on our time and life outside work.
Take time to consider how you can improve this. It could be as simple as removing email from your phone, or making a conscious effort to leave work by a certain time each day.

8. Look at your environmental policy – do you even have one? Businesses are facing increasing pressure to do the right thing for our environment and this is something every business owner needs to be considering.

9. Learn a new skill. It’s never too late to sharpen up your business skills. There are a huge amount of courses around, many free, to help you improve your skills in business.

10. Finally, if you don’t already, get involved with a charitable cause. This is a great thing to do and encouraging your employees and even allowing time off for volunteering is hugely motivational and also develops their skills.

By: Ian Girling


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