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We are fighting the growing problem of ‘south east prices but south west prices, says Mike Chapman, north Dorset chair of the Liberal Democrats

In a rousing speech, Vikki Slade, three-time parliamentary candidate, told the AGM that a strong Liberal Democrat showing in Dorset Council and national elections was important. Core Liberal Democrat values are vital in the fight against the increasingly immoderate trend in politics today. She urged people to stand as candidates at local, unitary and parliamentary levels.

Aid for low income families

Mike Chapman, newly-elected north Dorset chair, outlined the activities of the past year. NDLD has run projects such as the Community Fridge in Sturminster Newton, bought by Lib Dems and managed and stocked twice a week in a campaign to reduce food waste. There has been a focus on climate change practicalities through a workshop and tree planting. The team manned a stand at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show, reminding people of the strength and capability of the Lib Dem presence. The local party has a growing social media presence (ndorsetlibdems) and campaigning on the streets has started again. Much valuable experience has also been gained by supporting campaigns in surrounding counties.
Mike thanked the executive team and the hundreds of members across the constituency for their efforts through the year, thanking everyone who has turned out, delivered leaflets, planted trees, got food for the Fridge or said a kind word on Facebook.

’Do better, or depart’

In 2022 we have a number of key themes: the UK’s graceless response to the migration crisis; the levelling up agenda that needs to acknowledge the real and growing problem in Dorset of ‘south-east prices but south-west wages’; providing a positive future perspective for farming, nurturing small businesses as the lifeblood of rural communities; ensuring Local Plans truly reflect local needs and are not a top-down, remote, bureaucratic imposition. Liberal Democrats’ positive approach and local initiatives on these issues is the way to challenge those presently in power to do better or depart.

Mike Chapman, north Dorset chair of the Liberal Democrats


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