To list or not to list, that is the question


For this month’s property column Brad and Susie from Meyers are considering the myth that mid-winter is a bad time to list your property:

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As we move towards the Festive Season, most people are focussed on what to buy their loved ones for Christmas rather than buying a new home. Majority of people assume that the housing market will go quiet during December. It’s what happens immediately after the Christmas lunch has been packed away however, that makes for a good house selling market.

December listing

History and the data crunchers, show that the month of December can be a great time to start to market your home (as long as you take photos without your decorations!).
Rightmove, the biggest online housing portal, claims that there will be something in the region of 41m visits to their
site between Boxing Day and the New Year; known as the ‘Boxing Day Boom’.
Potential buyers are at home, the festivities are largely over and they take this quiet time in the family calendar to see what is out there on the market. This could therefore be one of the best times to be advertising your house for sale.
In addition to that, the housing market continues to see record numbers of potential buyers for each house that comes to market and with the market continuing to be this competitive, having your house on the market, or better still, Under Offer, is a prerequisite for a happy ongoing house hunt.
Some Agents won’t allow buyers even to view a house if they are not proceedable, and whilst getting your house on the market now might seem like an odd time to do it, actually it could be absolutely the right time to
do so if you are considering a move in the first part of next year. You need to get ahead of the game and put yourself in a good position to be able to ‘offer’ on that dream house you fall in love with.

We are always here to help and answer any questions you might have so feel free to get in touch. And in the meantime, if we don’t meet you beforehand, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas everyone – and an even better new year.

Brad at Shaftesbury – 01747 352077 Susie at Blandford – 01258 690553

Top December tips

  • Don’t miss out on your dream home because you are not proceedable when you spot it
  • sellers will only take you seriously if you are ‘under offer’ and ready to go; you then make them ‘proceedable’ too
  • Don’t look at a new potential house, offer on it, then retrospectively rush to get your own house on the market and sold. Post-Covid, it is essential to plan ahead, prepare your house for sale, get on the market and secure your own buyer before you start looking
  • Take photos of your house without Christmas decorations
  • You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting your house on the market now; 41m visits to Rightmove could have your perfect buyer right there!


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