How to actually enjoy some exercise at Christmas!


A home-based workout routine that is fun and allows guilt-free drinking and eating is explained by personal trainer Mel Mitchell.


This time of year, it is far too tempting to curl up in front of a fire with a mince pie and a glass of wine rather than enjoy a good workout.
With the festive season fast approaching I thought I would share ways to keep active during the Christmas period.

This time of year often sees a change in our normal routine particularly with fitness classes, as instructors and gyms generally take a break.
I love my food – one of the reasons I exercise is so I can eat what I want. Christmas is of course no exception! This time of year is all about spending valuable time with those that you love, eating, drinking and being merry.

Christmas exercise – make it fun

It has become a tradition for me to go out for a run on Christmas morning, mostly so I can eat and drink guilt-free but also to clear the head and get some much needed fresh air. This doesn’t mean that you all have to go out for a run (unless of course you want to!). You could incorporate family time with going out for a walk or bike ride together. Bring the kids, dogs if you have any, and go explore. Exercise during the festive period doesn’t have to be a chore. Family games such as Twister or computer games such as ‘Just Dance’ incorporate movement but add the element of fun and family bonding.
I personally love a circuit or high intensity workout but don’t have any weights or gym equipment at home? See the box below for a brilliant seasonal circuit instead!
Always happy to answer your questions – send them to me on

Your 12 days of Christmas home workout

Why not try this 12 days of Christmas bodyweight workout special. It is based on the song Twelve Days of Christmas; on the first day of Christmas my trainer gave to me… one burpee. On the second day of Christmas my trainer gave to meeeee… two lunges and a burpee… and so on.

1. Burpee
2. Lunges
3. Press – ups
4. Sit Ups
5. Squats
6. Plank Shoulder Taps 7. Leg Lowers
8. Lateral Lunges
9. Tricep Dips
10. Mountain Climbers 11. Touchdowns
12. Supermans

All exercises can be modified to all abilities so why not give it ago at some point during the holidays. If you want any clarification on the exercises feel free to get in touch!

by Mel Mitchell


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