Could you be a Shining Light for dogs like Florence this Christmas?


Margaret Green Animal Rescue have launched their Shining Light Appeal for the rescue dogs in their care like Florence.

Image Margaret Green

Florence was found discarded on the side of the road by a concerned member of the public. She was taken to Margaret Green’s Lincoln Farm, where her condition shocked even the experienced Rescue Centre staff. Manager Helen said:

“I have worked here for over 19 years and I have never seen such an emaciated dog. She urgently needed our help – who knows what could have happened to her.”

Florence was quickly assessed by staff and began receiving veterinary care – with her weight a mere 10.4kg (her ideal weight being 20kg) her vital organs were shutting down, her eyes were sunken and she could hardly stand.

Florence weighed half what she should, her vital organs were shutting down, her eyes were sunken and she could hardly stand

Progress and setbacks

This kind of condition doesn’t happen overnight – Florence had obviously been suffering for a long time. First aid was warmth and comfort – cosy blankets to help her feel safe and warm, and regular food and drink; eight meals a day.
Despite slow steady progress, there was more devastating news to come – Florence had suspected life-threatening kidney failure. Thankfully, after the initial worry, the vets felt her diagnosis could be managed with a special diet, and Florence continued to improve.
The Margaret Green staff are all so proud of her courage and resilience, and absolutely thrilled that Florence has now found the loving home that she truly deserves. Her story was inspiring for all the staff – finding dogs like Florence a happy ending is the reason they all work so hard.

Florence is now the queen of the loving home that she truly deserves.

Help to defy the odds

Sadly this is not an isolated story – Margaret Green Animal Rescue see hundreds of dogs come into their centres each year for costly and time- consuming care. The charity are appealing for donations this Christmas through their Shining

Light Appeal to be able to save and care for dogs in need like Florence. With your help, they can help the rescue dogs to defy all odds.
If you think you could be a shining light this Christmas, make a donation via the Donate page on Margaret Green Animal Rescue’s website and using the reference ‘Light’ in the comments box. Every donation will makes a difference, ensuring the charity are ready whenever a dog needs them.

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