A story of return, reconciliation and rehearsals with mum

“My voice cracked on the high note. I saw my Nan wince. The blood rushed to my cheeks – and a century’s lineage lay shattered on the floor.”

From kitchen-table cast lists to singalong rehearsals in the car, performer, storyteller and stand- up comedian Hannah Maxwell grew up immersed in the family passion for amateur theatre. Now she’s putting on a show about it. Amateur dramatics. The hidden history of many a performance artist. From four generations of leading ladies comes one queer Londoner, sharing a story of return and reconciliation – with her hometown, cultural inheritance and secret love of musical theatre. Her debut show, ‘I, AmDram’ has charmed audiences across the UK and Australia, with five-star reviews Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 and Adelaide Fringe 2020. Now, this November

Hannah heads to Dorset for two performances as part of the Artsreach autumn programme.

Hannah Maxwell will perform live in Piddlentrenthide and Broadoak on the 10-11 and Broadoak on the 10-11 November respectively.

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