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After a tricky couple of years, the team at Love Local Trust Local are so proud to be one of a reduced pool of business-orientated awards fortunate enough to be running in Dorset 2021, particularly when it comes to the food and drink sector.


It means so much to the team that we have been able to continue to shine a light on the smaller local food and drink producers who have worked relentlessly and somehow survived – and in some cases thrived – in what has been a difficult time for businesses and the public alike. And of course, this is the time that these small businesses need the support the most.

No-one appreciates this challenge better than our fantastic sponsors, including the digital Blackmore Vale, who truly make these awards happen. Although the Love Local Trust Local Food and Drink Awards are free to enter, they are of course not free to run; which is where our sponsors have truly enabled these awards to continue.

The Award partners hail from a variety of industries, and each have a unique connection to the Love Local Trust Local concern. One thing who support our awards are, in some cases, winners or entrants of last years’ awards who really felt they benefitted from taking our fantastic sponsors all have in common, however, is their dedication
and commitment to supporting local food and drink producers, pioneering local shopping and eating, and championing smaller businesses for their ultimate success. So who are they and why should we care?

Fellow Foodies

The food and drink producers who support our awards are, in some cases, winners or entrants of last years’ awards who really felt they benefitted from taking part. They wanted to be associated with the awards again, to not only raise the profile of their own business, but to help guide and support other local producers.
Tracey at Dorset’s well-loved ‘A Jar Of’ and Shroton’s very own ‘Meggy Moo’s Dairy’ are both great examples of food producers who took part in our inaugural 2020 awards and wanted to continue helping the local food and drink community to thrive.
Add to that highly esteemed vinter, Langham Wine Estate, independent supermarket Dike & Son, Roberts Food Service and Caffe Delizia; a bevvy of successful Dorset food and drink businesses who know exactly what it takes to diversify and evolve to succeed in a competitive industry.

Professional Services

We really appreciate that the awards are also supported by a plethora of local and national professional services from insurance and trade body NFU Mutual Wessex, Damory Veterinary Clinic, Saffery Champness Chartered Accountants, Symonds & Sampson Estate Agents, Blanchards Bailey LLP, and Harbarn Developments. Each of these organisations are absolute champions of local produce, be it for business or personal reasons. This group of organisations are an absolute credit, not only when it comes to promoting the label and supporting the food and drink producers who come through our doors, but also in terms of the expertise they bring to the table – each organisation has worked with the farming and producing industry.

Farming Friends & Producers

Engaging fellow farmers in our plight is also critical to the success of both the awards and the Love Local Trust Local food label. Love Local Trust Local was in fact established in order to help better support the local farmers and producers, as well as educating the public on what they are really eating. Previously the industry has relied upon a limited small group of organisations who the team at Love Local Trust Local had learned were not all they were cracked up to be. Tarhinton Farms, home of the Great British Steam Fair, Chase Farming, Peggs Farm, Crib

House Farm, Hemsworth Farm, Baskets & Blooms, and our very own Rawston Farm have been working with Love Local Trust Local to get behind the farmer in a genuine and authentic way. We’ve even started to roll out the Love Local Trust Local plaques, which our farming community have proudly chosen to display at their farm gates in a bid to pass the message on. Giving farmers and food producers a sense of support and belonging is a worthy task. Farmers are too busy (quite literally putting food on your table) to get out there and do it themselves – there are more critical tasks at hand!

The Best of the Rest

To round up our remaining sponsors yet unmentioned, Minster Furniture and Conyers Home & Country are a credit to the organisation when it comes to advocating shopping local, sourcing local and eating local. Our support from Kingston Maurward College allows us to help educate the up-and- coming farming and producing community, to help them fully understand the challenge that lies ahead when it comes to British farming and producing.

Love Local Trust Local welcomes sponsors and supporters from all industries, as well as fans and friends.

How to support us

To support the Love Local Trust Local Food and Drink Awards 2021, you can follow along on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, for all the latest news and updates. You can also pop on over to the Rawston Farm Butchery & Shop to purchase your ‘support LLTL’ tea towel or car sticker!

Proudly sponsored by: Blanchards Bailey


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