Recognising the impact of grief and loss…


All of us will lose someone or something important to us at some point in our lives. And when it happens, it can quite literally hit us for six.

This has never been more relevant than over the last eighteen months – the pandemic affected the UK in ways we’ve not yet fully seen. And sadly, we’re all likely to know someone that was bereaved or affected by loss in some way. 

The process of coming to terms with what’s happened and the resulting range of intense emotions is called grief. Grief affects everyone completely differently and at different times and pace. There is no defined way to react and no wrong or right way to feel.

It’s useful to understand that a similar pattern of feelings can also be brought about by losing some thing. This might be a former way of life or friendship, your health or an education or career pathway that’s been forced to change direction.

Grief can also be triggered by a variety of reasons in your workplace as well as at home: changes to job roles and demands, reductions in workforce due to isolation or redundancy.

The effect of external losses and changes should not be underestimated. They can also affect employees at work. Issues such as bereavement, physical and mental ill health, financial insecurity, job insecurity, and changes in childcare and education provision are all extremely challenging.

To help people that might be experiencing feelings of grief, Dorset Mind has launched a 6-week group programme, held at Stour Connect, Sturminster Newton.

The mental health charity provides a safe space and an experienced facilitator to help explore complicated feelings, thoughts and behaviours relating to loss. You’ll be participating alongside other people with similar experiences and will benefit from sharing information and experiences.

The programme aims to:

1. Offer an environment of mutual support
2. Provide information about grief and loss to help you understand the way you are feeling
3. Explore techniques that many people experiencing loss have found useful
4. Share resources for further support

If you would like further details about the programme, contact Dorset Mind’s Adult Services by email to: This face-to-face course will start at the week beginning 4th October 2021 – places are limited. 

Support and Education

Find out more about Dorset Mind’s range of education, workplace training, and 1-2-1 and group support for adults and young people in Dorset from aged 11 upwards, by visiting (adults), or (young people).

You can also make a donation help to protect the future of Dorset Mind as we work to meet the increased demand for our services in these uncertain times. All donations help us support people in Dorset.


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