They all touched my heart but Peggy was special


What a couple of months we’ve had here at The Rescue in Hazelbury Bryan!

We’ve been inundated with sick and injured prickly friends – from the very young to the more mature.

One of our favourites , we call her WD40, has consumed plastic.

We prove this by examining her faeces under the microscope. She was tiny and failed to gain weight. Plus she would not eat and only drank from a syringe.

Giving her a diet of gravy cat food helped to pass the bung of plastic and, although she is still a little reluctant to eat, she’s now putting on weight so, hopefully, panic over.

I sat in my car and cried

Sometimes it’s hard to save a sick hedgehog.

I had great affection for Peggy who came to us dragging a back leg which was swollen from the toes to the hip joint. When she curled into a ball her foot was left out because it hurt her so much.

We started her on antibiotics and pain-killers and thinking she’s broken her leg, took her to the vet. I feared for her.

For weeks we administered antibiotics and bathed the wound three times a day. But her wound was so close to her rear it was often covered in urine and faeces and just would not get better.

I sat in the car park and cried after my third visit to the vet with her. She did not come home with us – the wound was down to the bone and there was little hope of it healing. Before I left the vet’s I looked into her eyes and begged forgiveness They all touch my heart but Peggy was so special.

A miracle recovery from starvation

Possibly one of the most rewarding jobs I have is to feed the babies and watch them grow into lovely, round adolescents, such as Bonzo and Doodaa, who came to us from Sturminster in late September.

Young animals have such beautiful faces but these two came to us as starving babies.

On their first day with us they gained 40 grams each. This is an unheard growth – they must have been so hungry. I am really glad they were found and brought to us before they expired.

Please continue to contact us for advice to keep our hedgehogs safe and healthy, just call 01258 818266.


Firework night is nearly upon us so please be wildlife-aware when you position your bonfires and ensure animals do not use them as new shelter.

Hedgehogs are too precious to lose to a fire and what a terrible way to die.


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