Yeovil’s Dog Chef Launches 100% Natural ‘Bake & Treat’ Dog Treats


There’s nothing like the smell of freshly-baked goods straight from the oven – and this time it’s your dog who gets to enjoy them.

Local start-up The Dog Chef has launched a range of 100% natural dog treat baking mixes that you make and bake in the oven yourself.

The launch range of Bake & Treat baking mixes includes Liver Cake Training Treat Baking Mix, Tuna Bites Training Treat Baking Mix, Fresh Breath Dog Biscuit Baking Mix and Carob & Banana Cookie Baking Mix.

All the mixes are approved by accredited UK dog nutritionist Gerald Pepin. Founder Ann-marie Morgan said: “Overseen by our resident dog nutritionist, every ingredient is both dog-safe and fit for human consumption.  

“Apart from being exceptionally healthy, one of the biggest differences between Bake & Treat dog treats and commercial dog treats is that pet parents know exactly what ingredients are in them.”

Ann-marie Morgan began looking into pet food content when her German Shepherd Marco became ill. She discovered that ‘improved food and not increasingly expensive medication’ was the answer to his health problems.
“The better we fed our boy, the healthier and stronger he became. Six years on, he’s a happy, healthy, robust individual”

She added: “It’s a way of improving the life of a dog by making its life more interesting and exciting. And as anyone who has studied the subject will tell you,

environmental enrichment doesn’t come in a packet. It comes from doing things with your dog.

 “When pet parents bake their own homemade dog treats, the dog gets to enjoy the whole process. The opening of the packet, the sounds of mixing, the rattling of baking trays and the aroma of treats baking in the oven. And all that before the final mouth-watering tasting.”

Packets of The Dog Chef dog treat mixes can be bought direct online here at 

£3.95 a pack. 

A monthly subscription box scheme is coming soon.

By: Laura Hitchcock


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