There is no ‘I’ in T E A M


Team sport is a fantastic way to get into fitness with the added bonus of being part of a social community.

I have to be honest team sport was never my thing, mostly because being around lots of people scared me. I was persuaded to join ladies’ football at university and I fell in love with being part of a team. Not because we were any good (because we weren’t!) but because we never stopped having fun and supporting each other even in the midst of a match where we were losing pretty epically. Coming back from university I missed being part of a team and when I saw the advert for North Dorset Ladies Rugby, I jumped at the chance to give it ago.

Turning up to my first ever rugby training session was nerve racking to say the least. Not only did I not know what to expect but turning up on my own and not knowing anyone had my anxiety levels elevated to a whole new level. Turns out I had nothing to worry about! Everyone was made to feel welcome with no judgement on your ability. I for one had never touched a rugby ball in my life and I wasn’t the only one. It was comforting to know that we were all learning and developing as a team with the more experienced players supporting those of us that were new to the game. A few years on and although we’ve had a few players and coaches come and go, it’s been a pleasure being part of a team that’s so supportive of each other and boy have we had loads of fun along the way.

Wanting to give rugby a go but worried about lack of ability or you’re not sure whether you’ll enjoy it. My advice, just give it a go! The senior ladies team always welcome new faces regardless of whether you’ve played rugby before or not. I mean, I’ve been playing since 2018 and I’m definitely still learning. Why not come and watch or even join in one of our training sessions.


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