The Dorset farmer whose pregnant Highland cow was chased to its death by dogs has been gifted nine Highland cattle by a fellow Dorset farmer.


In June we shared how Cameron Farquharson’s cow Gladis sadly made national news when she fell more than 30ft on Eggardon Hill in May. She was due to calve in a couple of days, but her unborn calf died with her.

After hearing the story, Stan Sadler, who lives in Dorset, got in touch. He owned a fold of cows kept on his uncle’s farm in South Lanarkshire. Mr Sadler has lived in Bournemouth for 24 years, working in mental health, but pre-oandemic would commute back to Scotland every month to work on his family farm.  

He said: “When I read the story on the news, I was shocked. I decided instead of selling my cows I would gain far more satisfaction by giving the animals to Cameron.” 

The herd was delivered to Eggardon Hill on Thursday, August 12 and consists of one bull, three cows, two heifers and three calves. 

Mr Farquharson said the gesture had “restored his faith in humanity”.

Gladis had been raised from a calf by Mr Farquharson’s teenage daughter. Mr Farquharson said: “It was tough for the whole family, because they are like pets. It’s like losing a member of the family.”

He described the arrival of Mr Sadler’s cows as “an amazing outcome”.

Mr Farquharson launched a petition for “Gladis’s Law”, requiring dogs to be on a lead when livestock are in a field.

This has been heavily backed by West Dorset MP Chris Loder and Farming Minister Victoria Prentis among others keen to get the law passed as early as May 2022.

By: Laura Hitchcock

Sponsored by: Trethowans


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