Love Local Trust Local Food & Drink Awards – Your Last Call!


We appear to be fast approaching September; the end of the summer, the start of schooling (touch wood, but it’s looking good!), and the countdown to deadline for the last entries to the Love Local Trust Local Food & Drink Awards 2021.

The team at Love Local Trust Local have really enjoyed seeing your entries come in. But if you thought it was too late to enter your business, you need not worry – there is still time!

Love Local Trust Local are looking for local food and drink producers who want to share their passion for their category. The food and drink awards feature categories for the best in dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables, baking, jams and condiments, plus a variety of drinks categories, from alcoholic to non-alcoholic.

There are also some stand-out categories for businesses who offer something a bit different; the Rising Star award is aimed at businesses younger than two years or owned by founders under 30 years of age who are bringing something a bit different to the table.

Larger organisations are now able to enter the Innovation & Diversification, and the Conservation & Sustainability categories. The team received interest from bigger companies who wanted to get involved in these local awards, to showcase the value they were making to impact the local community and the local economy. This prompted Love Local Trust Local to divide these categories into two classes; businesses with 30 employees or under, and businesses with over 30 employees.

The sustainability and diversity categories are so critical to the growth and sustainability of our communities, so this year hopes to unveil some great developments for businesses both big and small, following what was a considerably tough year for us all.

Love Local Trust Local was borne out of a passion for supporting our local food and drink producers, a responsibility to educate the consumer on what they are eating and drinking and how to ensure you know exactly what it is and where it comes from. The organisation is also an active supporter of keeping the local community connected, rallying together to fulfil a greater collective purpose.

The array of categories involved in these awards really help to achieve that goal.

Love Local Trust Local pride these awards on being free to enter, removing any barriers to young or smaller businesses from entering. It is so critical that our food producers, past, present and future, get noticed and recognised within the community, which is the core purpose of the Love Local Trust Local Food & Drink Awards.

The closing date for the 2021 awards is Monday 27th September, so make sure you give your company a chance to get the elevation it deserves. If you’re not a food producer, why not recommend a business you think deserves to get recognised?!

To support the Love Local Trust Local Food and Drink Awards 2021, you can follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for all the latest news and updates. You can also pop on over to the Rawston Farm Butchery & Shop to purchase your tea towel or car sticker to show your support for the cause.

Enter here to get your business on the shortlist!

Sponsored by: Blanchards Bailey


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