The Love Local Trust Local Awards & The Blackmore Vale: We’re 2020 Twins!


Congratulations on your 1st year from us all at Love Local Trust Local

With 2020 being such a washout, a few things started to happen that we may have initially thought we were ‘immune to’, here in a country such as Blighty.

Remember those headlines reporting a lack of loo roll, pasta, tinned goods and anything in-between, as the nation leapt into panic buying mode? Whilst this was a worrying time for the big supermarkets, it was fascinating to see buying habits change; suddenly people were appreciating local produce a lot more. They were buying from small farm shops, because the produce was available, and in some instances, even growing it themselves, as we all started to live our ultra ‘Good Life’ in case the proverbial truly hit the fan.

During this time, we also eradicated ‘stuff’ from pretty much anywhere. Go to a restaurant post-Covid and you could expect to order from an app in many cases – no promotional table tat (a great thing for the environment), no newspapers kicking about at the doctor surgery. Wherever you would previously have access to things like promotional leaflets, local freebie magazines and like, you now simply could not get your hands on a copy for fear of contracting Covid itself.

Whilst reducing our chances of picking up this virus, during this time it was with sadness that we lost some real gems in our community that kept people connected, particularly when it comes to local publications.

So, when we were approached by the team at the NEW Blackmore Vale online, we were delighted that the team were on the pulse and able to get up and running to share local news in a way that meant we could continue getting word out promoting our businesses, to real customers and prospective customers who may have a genuine interest in what we have to offer.

During Lockdown 1.0, the team who had established the brand Love Local Trust Local, formed the very first Love Local Trust Local Food & Drink Awards. There was concern that mid-Covid could be a bad time to launch such an occasion, however the timing couldn’t have been more relevant given the need to source local becoming more prominent, so the Love Local Team pressed on.

We found a real synergy with the team at the new Blackmore Vale online who welcomed us to the fold and got onboard with supporting the cause of Love Local Trust Local; created by farmers for farmers, to support our Dorset-based food and drink producers, but also created to educate the consumer on what they are really eating and how to understand where the produce has come from and what it really is.

Our cause is such a relevant one for the team at Blackmore Vale online, so we were delighted to have them join us for the first year of the awards as part of the sponsorship and judging team, and have continued with us into 2021, which we are so grateful for.

Whilst digital thrives, as a wider organisation, with The Langton Arms, Rawston Farm Butchery & Shop, and Love Local Trust Local, we’ve felt a real concern for those who may be getting left behind in such a digital world. Whilst we continue to communicate inside our venues effectively, mediums such as print advertising have become exponential in their cost, and quite frankly out of reach for small businesses who have been hit equally hard through Covid.

To help quell this social issue, the team are proudly running monthly social media workshops for those who have not entered into the digital world, or perhaps are less confident using the social media platforms they might already have. We had a great turnout for the first session in July, where we offered cake and coffee, and our marketing team were on hand to get our attendees online and comfortable with how to use these digital mines of information! If you know someone who would benefit from one of these sessions, give us a buzz on either The Langton Arms 01258 830225 or Rawston Farm Butchery 07796801525 and we’ll get them booked in and connected with the likes of Blackmore Vale Online so they can stay updated and abreast of local news.

Following Blackmore Vale’s outstanding first year, we have been honoured to get involved and work with the team to keep the locals informed and educated on topics we are truly passionate about; James Cossins at Rawston Farm has really enjoyed contributing to the publication with the history of the farm. Barbara Cossins has been honoured to be contributing on various topics, such as the politics of the meat we are eating and what Brexit means, as well as promoting Love Local Trust Local and promoting eating and shopping local to the residents of Dorset.

So with the Blackmore Vale online celebrating their first birthday, we’d really love to offer them a very happy birthday, and a massive congratulations on a stand-out first year. Publications like this really are the crux of local society and truly help to keep people connected at times when they need connection the most, and we are proud to be a part of that story!

By: Barbara Cossins

Sponsored by: Blanchards Bailey


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