Exploring the world from a glass

Since the pandemic outbreak and consequent lockdown restrictions over the last year or so, we’ve noticed a real embrace from customers to take a break from ‘the traditional’. An area that this has been extremely apparent is with rosé wines – we are finally at a stage where the consensus from our lovely customers is ‘there is more to rosé than Provence’, which is music to our ears. As much as we love an outstanding glass of crisp rosé, it’s very naïve to believe that only Provence can produce such a beauty.

The pink stuff aside, we have sensed a more adventurous wine palate from our customers across the board – we think due to travel restrictions and the appeal of literally experiencing a distant culture from a wine glass in the comfort of your own home, garden or local beach (yes beach, not bench!)

So, this month, I wanted to do something a little different and showcase 5 little gems from a handful of countries on the travel ‘Red List’ at time of writing. Let’s go on a little wine trip together!


Karim Mussi Los Poetas Semillon – if you like your white wines to have flavour but with a rounded, fresh vibe, then this wine should be in your wine rack. Tropical fruit, with some herbal notes, make it a perfect accompaniment with most fish dishes and summer salads. 


Bouchon Pais Salvaje – this wine is one of the most labour-intensive wines to produce as all the grapes are hand harvested. Pais (pronounced pa- ees) is grown in a forest and requires hand harvesting on ladders ­– some of which are over 5 metres tall. Hints of strawberry, cherries, spice and even banana, delicious.

Bouchon Granito Semillon – one of the best wines I have drunk in the last 5 years. This really is a wine that you can taste the 120-million-year-old soil on which the grapes have been grown from, hence the name ‘granito’ – granite soil. The vines were planted in the 1940’s and have incredibly deep roots. Complex fruit expressions from start to finish with subtle oak and a wonderful minerality throughout. A real treat that leaves you wanting more.

South Africa

Niel Joubert Byker Chenin Blanc – a new addition to our range and just perfect for sunny days. For lovers of Sauvignon Blanc, I always say that a Chenin ‘has all the fruit of a Sauvignon but without the acidity’ and this really is a little gem.


Vinedo de los Vientos Notos Nebbiolo – what a wine; fruity from start to finish with an awesome medium to full bodied palate. Most people associate Nebbiolo with Italy, but it really is worth sampling an alternative twist on the grape. This beauty has been produced by a boutique micro winery at a crazily high altitude in Uruguay. Travel the world with wine and sample two examples side by side.

By: Sadie Wilkins Vinyards of Sherborne


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