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Where to find the best meat boxes in the Blackmore Vale

It’s barbecue season (come on sunshine!) and time for entertaining family and friends. 

Or, you may just be looking at restocking your freezer. There are some great places to find locally sourced quality meat boxes in the Blackmore Vale with most offering a home delivery service. Here’s our round up of some of the best meat boxes avauilable in the area: all deliver to your door.

Image by Robin Goodlad

Happy Meat Company

Marnhull-based The Happy Meat Company is family-run and has a monthly meat box service. With their own Tamworth pigs & Dexter cows they offer  a selection of free range meats in each box, ideal for families or stocking the freezer. They can also adapt to suit specific dietary needs. Do check out the Facebook page for videos of the delightful animals on the farm.

The Story Pig

With their own Tamworth pigs, The Story Pig at Sandford Orcas has a good range of free range pork meat boxes. There’s a selection ranging from a barbecue box to a Quarter Tamworth but if you can’t find exactly what you need, give them a call and they will make up a bespoke one to suit your requirements. They deliver, but I recommend collecting your box so you can enjoy a coffee and the views from their new cafe at Lavender Keeper’s Farm and meet the pigs!

The Dorset Meat Company

Meat boxes from The Dorset Meat Company featured in The Independent recently as among the best in the UK. The company is owned by Jane and Nick Somper and based in Sutton Waldron. All the meat is from Dorset or Wiltshire grass fed animals and you can select from a wide range of box types and sizes or build your own. Choose from the steak boxes or a selection designed to fill the freezer- and it gets delivered to your door. There’s a wide range of meat from fresh venison to goat, lamb and more.

The Real Cure

Based near Shaftesbury, The Real Cure make their multi-award winning range of cured meats using wild deer for venison, free range British pigs and grass fed Aberdeen Angus beef from Jurassic Coast Farm in Dorset to produce their Bresaola.

Their salami, chorizo and air dried hams are made using traditional artisan processes of smoking, curing and air drying; the charcuterie meat boxes are great for entertaining or gifts.

Kimbers Farm Shop

Kimbers are a regular feature at Shaftesbury Farmers Market but you can also get meat boxes delivered. The farm at Charlton Musgrove has been in the same family for over 300 years and their Aberdeen Angus beef is first class. Meat boxes range from a Weekend box to a Gourmet Barbecue selection. They will also fix up a bespoke order if you can’t quite find what you need.

We’re fortunate to have a wonderful selection of high quality meat boxes across the Blackmore Vale – do also ask at your local independent butchers, many source their meat locally, and will offer meat packs. The award winning T Buttling Butchers at Ludwell, for example (featured here), have recently started selling summer barbecue boxes. 

By: Rachael Rowe


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