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Dorset’s level of local radio and television coverage has been a serious concern for many people, myself

Whilst Dorset contributes around £45 million per year to the BBC through the licence fee, the apparent lack of attention to Dorset is not acceptable and it’s time to challenge it. I met with the new Chairman of
the BBC a few weeks ago and have hope that common sense will soon prevail, and Dorset will get its fair share.

It was a pleasure to help with deliveries at the Sherborne Community Kitchen at the start of the month.
I last visited at the end of March to mark their first year of helping local people around Sherborne and the surrounding villages and this week participated in a delivery run taking healthy, nutritious meals to those who need it the most.

The work they do is incredible and I pay tribute especially to Jill Warburton.

It has been a pleasure to hear the church bells ring out both near my Westminster office and here in West Dorset. It is imperative that we get our churches back up and running to provide the spiritual support that is needed so badly. To do my bit to help, I was elected churchwarden at Bishop’s Caundle Church in late May and look forward to helping get our churches open and welcoming again.

My belief we should criminalise ‘livestock worrying’ was underscored tragically last week, with the very sad death of Gladys the pregnant cow on Eggardon Hill – the other side of Beaminster – because of a dog chasing.

Grazing of chalk downlands like Eggardon is vital to preserve such unique ecosystems and farmers should not have to face the tragedy of losing much-loved animals because of negligent and careless members of the public who don’t control their dogs.

by Chris Loder MP


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