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(Super-easy to make 2 or 12 mile versions on this route)

Shady Chase Woods Stroll – 6 miles

Really easy walking on clear wide paths through some of the most beautiful ancient woodland.

Some open farmland with big skies, but mostly this one is about beautiful shady giants.

There are so many paths to choose for alternative routes – for a longer day hike I’d turn right at the first C road and follow my nose up to the Ox Drove, coming back down to rejoin the route where the woodland adjoins Rushmore Park.

For a short and gentle bimble, I’d simply stay inside Pribdean Wood – it’s a favourite gentle afternoon stroll for us. 

To follow this route using the Outdooractive App, please find the route here.

The route starts in the beautiful Pribdean Wood – always worth a stroll around in its own right – then across the farmland separating it from New Town and around the magnificent Chase Woods. There are some spectacular ancient giants throughout the woodland which are all worth looking for.

And don’t miss Scrubbity Barrows, just because it’s probably my favourite place name ever, and everyone needs to be able to say they’ve walked in Scrubbity Barrows. 

Shady Chase Woods Walk

The rather magical beech avenue that runs through Chase Woods – crossing the path at Scrubbity Barrows

Shady Chase Woods Walk

The footpath back into Deanland is filled with beautiful hedgerow views.

Shady Chase Woods Walk

After so much grey cold weather the new crops are finally rushing out.

Shady Chase Woods Walk

The valley bottom as  you enter Chase Woods – always a good spot for deer .

Shady Chase Woods Walk

Simply can’t ever resist a hedgerow window frame.

All the Dorset Walks we feature have been created and walked recently by ourselves, so you know you can trust them – we aim for unpopulated routes with as little road and as many views as possible! You can always see the route and follow it yourself via the free Outdoor Active app – see all our routes here.

Every month in the BV Magazine we publish a walk in the beautiful Dorset countryside under the heading ‘Take a hike’. Not always in the heart of the Blackmore Vale perhaps, but always within reach for a day’s walk.


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