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I think after last months article where I mentioned  that during the month of April, we had not received any measurable rainfall and that perhaps farmers and growers could do with some rain, during May we have virtually have had rain everyday.  So far the totals amount to 150mm or 6 inches.  This has led to the rapid growth of our grass and crops which has meant that the silage making process of providing winter feed for cattle has been severely delayed.  At least when the weather does improve we shall have a good crop although may be lacking in quality.

Silaging in the 60’s

Much of the farming politics has been involved with the trade talks with Australia.  The result of the Brexit Deal has led to the United Kingdom being able to negotiate trade deals with countries outside the EU.  The trade deal being agreed with Australia may be a bad deal for the farmers.  With a tariff free deal being on the table this could mean food being imported produced at lower standards to what is expected in this country.  This would put the UK producer at a disadvantage and unable to compete on price.

Let’s hope there will be better labelling in place soon so that consumers have accurate information of how and where the food was produced and hopefully will support local producers where possible.

Silaging today

With the weather now improving we have been able to get on with our silage making providing feed for our cattle next winter . Always an exciting time of year bringing in the first harvest of grass especially when you are relying on various bits of machinery not to break down !

The photos are of silage making at Rawston in the 1960,s and this year.

By: James Cossins

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