Hedgehog fundraising fayre


Hedgehog Rescue of Hazelbury Bryan has booked a date, time and place for its 2021 fundraising event: Saturday, 26th June, 1pm to 5pm, at the Hazelbury Bryan  Pavilion (opposite the Antelope). Given the circumstances of the last year, organising an event has been a struggle – even deciding on a name! Eventually our committee voted for “Hazelbury Hedgehog Craft Fayre” as we have over 22 craft tables booked in for the afternoon. We are now asking for local businesses to donate raffle prizes so we can sell tickets on the day. 

It is so much easier naming hedgehogs especially as they never know and forget them even quicker. It makes my job easier to be able to identify the hedgehog by name and not just a number, although they get both on admission. 

Buddy was admitted from Sturminster Newton with a nasty infection that made it difficult for him to pass urine. He is feeling much better now and has found his appetite. He is trying to build up the muscles he lost when he was ill.

Fortuna came from Fiddleford having had a very close call with a strimmer. Her prickles are beginning to grow back now, but she will have to stay with us until they do as they are her only form of protection. She hates being here and is very grumpy.  

Hufflepuff is from Hazelbury. He is a beautiful young man who was sprayed with weedkiller. It made him very sick and gave him diarrhoea and vomiting. The first thing I did was give him a bath to remove as much weedkiller as we could. He has made a full recovery and is nearly ready to go home. 

Like all the other casualties they will be returned back to the wild to live their lives. 


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